10 Best Steam Irons (Apr. 2017) – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

what is the best steam iron

Best Steam Irons 2017 are what, that can hold the potential to convert your crumpled clothes into the crisp ones.

Undoubtedly, the wrinkles, folds and creases of the dresses, can make the persons get obsessed with! So, the need is to invest your money into an iron, that can spit the uniform steam amount and a proper temperature.

So, you must have to get rid of the poor-performing irons, that often spoil your favorite dresses by temperature swings or water-leakage issues.

A best iron is what, that presents the best features like a tapered & smooth Soleplate, a uniform temperature setting, automatic switching off capacity, long cord and much more.

So, do you want to get the best iron of 2017 having the latest features?

Along these lines, I have gathered the top of the line steam irons 2017 for you with a specific end goal to help you with your ironing tasks.

Just take a look at the best steam iron reviews and you will definitely find the perfect pick for you. Enjoy the best features.

10 Best Steam Irons 2017 – Get Uniform Heat Setting, Durable, and Efficient Irons

Just read the below mentioned reviews, and get your favorite pick to have the benefits. You will not repent or disappoint on your purchase, surely!

1. Rowenta DG8520 - Super Best Iron 

 best steam irons 2017

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The Rowenta DG8520 is an ideal best clothes iron for those, who want the quality press in a minimum time. It operates differently from the rest. After being switched on, it heats up quickly within two minutes.

Some of its remarkable features are described below:

Efficient Uniform Pressing:

It has a unique soleplate, unlike the others, which provides an even and uniform spread of heat to provide crease free pressing of clothe, without damaging its fabric. Its précised tip, operates well, as it can easily get into the crimps located between the buttons.

The Calc-Away System Enhances its Durability:

It is provided with an additional safety system, which not only boosts its lifespan but also facilitates its maintenance. Moreover, its scale can also be removed through the following method.

Whenever the lights are switched on:

  • Screw the collector up.
  • Place it under water.

Latest Addition of a Lock System:

Because of its new safety system, it is very easy to operate, move and store.

Water Fling Tank:

It holds an additional tank of water, which empowers you to have aconvenient and quick filling.

Features & Specifications:
  • Its weight is 12.2 pounds.
  • It is manufactured in France.
  • It has Soleplate, composed of Stainless Steel providing 400 Micro steam.
  • Its steam output value is 120g/min.
  • With a single push of a button, it creates pressurized, steam having 120g of pressure for the duration of 90 minutes.
  • Its wattage is 1800 watts.
  • Its stainless-steel soleplate embodied holes (400), ensuring smoother gliding.
  • It has an additionally large, detachable and obvious tank, having 47oz ability, enables the continuous ironing for more than one and half hours.
  • It has the unique feature of Eco-setting, which allows the consumption of heat energy comparatively 20% less than normal.
  • It has 5 built-in pressure bars, which make the wrinkles free pressing sure.
  • It produces steam three times more than the traditional iron.
  • Its descaling system is based on Calc-Away (organization).
  • In order to ensure its firm clenching ability, it provides a stronggrasping handle.
  • Its précised tip enables to reach even at the smallest and hardly accessible points.
  • Its feature of having continuous steam at high power guarantees the elimination of wrinkles from allsort of clothes and garments.
  • It is both time and money saving.
  • It has no water leakage problem.
  • It is very light weighted.
  • Its base has a vast size.
  • The boiler cap doesn’t work properly and burst the heat out in the case of non-removal of heat through the button.

2. Oliso TG1600 Smart iron

best steam iron
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Another reliable product for your ironing task, enabling you to have a comfortable and amazing experience, because of its exceptional features. This digital super gadget is not going to get you bore with your ironing chore.

Its Key Properties Are as Follows:

  • It has a lot of small holes, in order to provide a uniform and consistent heat throughout the plate.
  • It has a very terrific and cozy handle, which prohibits the repeated uplifting of iron from the fabric, thus protecting the clothes from burning and scorching.
  • Its plate is composed of a high-quality Stainless steel.
  • Its water tank has avast capacity to store water.
  • Chromium finishing offers a smoother gliding over the clothes.
  • It also has a Detailer tip.
  • Its water tank has the capacity of 12.7-ounce.
  • It has a light indicator feature, which informs the users about its temperature, light is starting to blink during its warm up period, and eventually changes into blue, when it achieves the required temperature. It remains red during the log jam period.
  • Its weight is 4.6 pounds.
  • Its color is yellow.
  • It also holds technology based on iTouch Scotchguard for the prevention of scorches and other accidents.
  • Its cord is 12 feet long.
  • It also has a pivot (30 degrees), permits it to move with more flexibility.
  • It has an auto shut off.
  • Its plug has the capacity of 110v.
  • It provides an auto shut off for the prolonging period of about half an hour, allows the better result and also keeps the iron hot.
  • It has the wattage of 1800 watts.
  • Its soleplate embodies
  • Triple play steam at Xtreme level
  • Pro-Press ability
  • It works well for setting the clothes during sewing.
  • It consumes less electricity.
  • It can also be operated through a power bar having surge shield.
  • iTouch technology accelerates its speed, and thus it gives faster and consistent results.
  • Its light indication feature works efficiently to determine its temperature.
  • It flawlessly works for the designers and quilters.
  • The water tank doesn’t possess the vast size.
  • After the usage, the user is required to cool it properly, along with evacuation of water from the chamber, which is little bit time-consuming.

3. Rowenta DW9280 Digital LED Display Iron

best steam iron reviews
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If you are tired of using those conventional irons, which are yielding nothing but tensions and worries to your ironing routine, making it more tiresome and a chatterbox. Thus, this product is a superb and supreme option for you, which is quite evident from its following features.

  • Its vertical steaming ability enables you to press the hanging clothes and long curtains etc. perfectly.
  • Its soleplate is composed of stainless steel, having 400 holes. It is also coated with a complete scraggy silicate layer.
  • It contains a variety of systems in order to provide competent pressing like
    • A level-headed steam spray.
    • A unified anti-calcium system.
    • One-touch control panel.
Features & Specifications
  • Its dimensions are 11.4 x 4.9 x 6 inches.
  • It weighs 3.9 pounds.
  • Its manufacturer name is Groupe Seb.
  • It has the wattage of about 1800watts.
  • Its steam motion measuring device, automatically turns the flexible steam off in the case of immovable iron, thus preserving electricity as well as water.
  • It is also provided with one-year warranty facility.
  • Its water tank capacity is 10.8Oz.
  • It is produced in Germany
  • It is embodied with an electrical stream pump which
  • Provides the vertical steam burst above 220g/minute.
  • Tends to drive the stream into the material by 30% and above.
  • It has an auto shutoff with the 3-way feature.
  • It shuts off spontaneously if it is remained unattended in a vertical position for more than 8 minutes and within 30 seconds in astraight position.
  • An accessible digital LED display lights up when the iron has attained the required temperature for the selected kind of fabric from the wide range of clothes types likecotton, nylon, wool, linen, silk.
  • It saves water and electricity.
  • It doesn’t provide an access amount of heat during the cooling process like others.
  • Its heating feature is the most remarkable one.
  • Its temperature indication feature makesit more reliable option.
  • Its self-cleaning feature makes it a long lasting gadget, seeking lower maintenance.
  • The precision tip enables to have easy access to hardly reachable places of clothes.
  • It is a bit weighted machine.
  • As it provides the access amount of heat out, thus the water tank requires refilling again and again.

4. Rowenta DW9081 Steam Iron

top rated steam irons
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This fabulous product has made the ironing a child’s play and comfort’s the users by offering a variety of services. Consequently, it has preserved a strong position in the household appliances.

Its Key Properties Are as Follows:

  • It shoves 30% more heat into the fabric, in order to provide more excellent results in minimum time.
  • Dissimilar to others, LED display ensures the easy and quick apprehending of cloth setting.
  • Its dial (temperature-selection) can be operated with a simple touch.
  • It has the unique feature of both maximum and minimum heat selection setting.
  • Its handle (grip) owns a trigger through which you can generate the desirable heat with a straight ward squeeze.
  • Its other highpoints are
    • Anti-calc systems and Self-cleaning
    • Anti-drip structure
    • Burst of steam feature
    • Mist steam functions
  • Its soleplate technology along with micro steam holes (400) and scratch resilient surface (non-sticky) provides an ultra-crease free ironing.
  • Its dimensions are 11.4 x 6 x 5 inches.
  • It weighs 4.7 pounds.
  • Its manufacturer name is Groupe Seb.
  • Its model number is 1110030890.
  • It has the wattage of 1800 watt.
  • Its water tank capacity is 10-4/5Oz.
  • It is made in Germany.
  • It is provided with one year warranty.
  • Its color is brown.
  • Its cord is 7 feet long and provided with a pivot (360deg).
  • Its burst of steam is 200g/minute.
  • In order to strengthen its safety, it has an auto shut off with three-way technology, which automatically puts iron off if iron is placed in vertical position unattended for more than 8min and at thehorizontal position for more than 30sec.
  • Its operational setting is very very easy.
  • The drying iron can also be done with the help of it.
  • It’s straight up streamer flattens the hanging garments and apparels effectively.
  • The anti-drip structure ensures the leakage prevention.
  • Its water tank has a larger water capacity.
  • It facilitates with a proficient control over the steam output.
  • It doesn’t save energy.
  • It is heavy to hold for some poeple, It weighs 4.7 pounds.

5. Panasonic NI-W950A Multi-Directional Iron

best rated steam irons
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It is one of the most advanced and multi-dimensional product, which will surely surprise you, with its remarkable and soothing functions and amazing outcomes.

It Has the Wide Range of Features, Among Them Some Are Stated Below:

  • Double point style along with curving enables the user to use it and move it in any direction with greater ease.
  • Its précised tip (360 degrees) is multi-directional, unlike the other irons.
  • Its soleplate has an incorporated "Alumite" coating, providing stiffer but soft scratch-free surface.
  • Its digital quality helps you to complete the ironing 25% faster than traditional irons.
  • Vertical Steam ensures the effective steaming of heavier and longer wears.
  • Flexible Steam function empowers you to adjust the heat flow in accordance with your garment type.
  • Its three-dimensional cleaning system is comprised of
    • Anti-Calcium Scheme
    • Anti-Drip control
    • Chemical Control Shot
  • It weighs 3 pounds.
  • Its manufacturer name is Panasonic.
  • It has the wattage of 1700 watt.
  • Its water tank capacity is 10Oz.
  • Its color is Silver with Violet finishing.
  • It is provided with one year warranty.
  • Its ironing area is 28 cm wide.
  • It has a comfy rubber handle.
  • It also possesses a button for the self-cleaning purpose.
  • It has a three-dimensional cleaning system.
  • Its handle is made of plastic.
  • Its power supply is 120 Volts, 60 Hz.
  • Its temperature range varies from 176 F - 392 F.
  • It is perfectly suitable for the heavy and larger clothes such as curtains and covers.
  • Temperature control dial sets and maintains the temperature properly.
  • Its dual pointed tip, and 360 degreesmodified design provide competent ironing of pants and shirts.
  •  Its size is larger than the other conventional irons.
  • It doesn’t indulge the users in leaking and dripping troubles.
  • It is quite heavy to manage. For some people not for all, Its weight is 3 pounds.

6. Rowenta DW8080 Micro Steam Iron

steam iron reviews
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For the accommodation of all sorts of garments and clothes, it is a perfect choice. It empowers the users to have a sound and well-pressed wears, without investing much money, efforts as well as time.

Its Key Properties Are as Follows:

  • Its soleplate is composed of stainless steel, having 400 holes, featured with a complete metal guard and scratch resilient technology. It provides a uniform and efficient heating throughout the plate.
  • It also possesses a curved back end, which ensures its smooth and effortless gliding over the material.
  • To ensure safety, it has three dimensional automatic shut off, which automatically turns the iron off if it is placed in upright position unused for more than 8min and in theplane position for more than 30seconds.
  • Its vital systems include:
    • Adjustable steam ability
    • Smooth burst of steam system
    • Cool steam spray arrangement
    • Vertical steaming system for hanging clothes
    • Self-clean and Anti-drip schemes
  • It weighs 3.5 pounds.
  • Its manufacturer name is Groupe Seb.
  • It has the wattage of 1700 watt.
  • Its water tank capacity is 12.7 Oz.
  • It is made in Germany.
  • Its cord is 7 feet long.
  • It is provided with one year warranty.
  • It also owns 3 dimensional automatic shut off.
  • Its steam output is 40g/minute.
  • Its steam burst is 150g/minute.
  • Its water tank can easily work with regular water of tap.
  • It is highly powerful as it provides the removal of stalwart wrinkles with great ease.
  • It is alight weighted device, thus very easy to handle and carry.
  • It is the least time consuming.
  • It has water spitting problems. ( Predection ) 

7. Rowenta DW5080 Top Rated Steam iron

best iron
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Those women who are exhausted and fed up from their conventional irons should definitely try this incredibly innovated and stylish iron, which for sure provides them quality results in minimum time. Some of its outstanding features include:

Automatic Cleaning System:

It has a built-in auto-cleaning system, which enables it to clean its internal system and water tank automatically.

Anti-Dripping System:

It also contains an anti-drip mechanism, which prohibits the leakage and spitting of water from the iron both at the high and low temperature.

Availability of Safety Feature:

Its automatic shut-off system provides three smart ways to switching it off, offering more safety options to the consumers.

Perfect Steaming:

It has a very efficient soleplate, which is made of stainless steel and has 400 micro steam holes, which ensures the smoother and uniform burst of steam. Moreover, it provides perfect glide facility across all the clothes and fabrics.

Wrinkle Free Pressing:

The quality of its steam burst is splendid. Its quick and strong steam provides wrinkle free clothes, even for the hanging clothes, curtains and drapers.

Anti-Calcium Mechanism:

It has a built-in valve (Calc-way), which prohibits the accumulation of calcium impurities in the boiler, which also increases the performance and reliability of the iron, making its use long-lasting and enduring.

  • Its dimensions are 11 x 5 x 6 inches.
  • Its weight is 3.4 pounds.
  • Its manufacturer name is Groupe SEB.
  • Its wattage is 1700 watt.
  • Its soleplate is made of stainless steel.
  • Its soleplate is embodied with 400 holes.
  • It shuts automatically off, if it is remained unused vertically for more than 8 years, and in the horizontal position for more than 30 seconds.
  • The capacity of its water tank is 10 ounces.
  • It has an auto steam system.
  • It has an automatic self-cleaning mechanism.
  • Its latest and efficient thermostat knob offers versatile and great reading settings.
  • It has a built-in Anti-Calc system.
  • It is enough capable of providing thevertical steam facility.
  • Its burst of steam is 100g/min.
  • Its color is Taupe.
  • Its cord is 7 Ft long.
  • It is provided with the warranty of one year.
  • It is made in Germany.
  • It saves time.
  • It doesn’t require distilled water for operation, it can easily be operated with tap water.
  • Its tip can easily move and press the hard-to-reach areas, like, between the buttons and over the collars etc.
  • It provides diverse options for all the kinds of clothes like wool, nylon, linen, cotton etc.
  • Its water tank has greater capacity.
  • Its thermostat knob works efficiently.
  • Its self-cleaning system works well.
  • Graduation lines on the tank,determinethe level of water in the tank.
  • It heats up quickly.
  • The cord is not sheathable.

8. Rowenta DW6080 - Energy Saving

best clothes iron
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A cutting-edge iron, with advanced and latest features, which surely preserves a strong position in your home appliances, and upgrade your iron style.

Some of Its Awesome Features Are Stated Below:

Greater Efficiency:

It has the power of 1700 watts, combined with an incredible Eco Steam system, which ensures the quick and smooth steam output providing professional results.

3D sole-plate:

Its 3D soleplate along with having a trendy style and exterior delivers the steady, uniform and steam flow all over the fabric. Its tip is able to reach in all the narrow and congested areas.

Eco – Friendly Device:

Its most striking feature is that it is eco-friendly, thus providing the efficient ironing result, with the lowest consumption of electricity.

Anti- Calc Scheme:

It has an integrated anti-calc system, which discourages the accumulation of impurities and calcium in the boiler, thus extending the life of iron, making it more durable and long lasting.

Steam Optimization System:

It has a unique system of steam optimization, which operates at three levels:

  • Dry position (to provide the perfect finishing)
  • Boost position (to provide variable steam)
  • Eco position (to provide efficient output, with minimum energy)
  • Its weight is 3.5 pounds.
  • Its manufacturer name is Groupe SEB.
  • Its wattage is 1700 watt.
  • It consumes 25% less energy as compared to the other standard irons.
  • It has a built in Eco-Steam System.
  • It has an anti-drip system.
  • It is embodied with an automatic cleaning system.
  • The length of its cord is 7 feet.
  • It is fixed with an auto shut off system.
  • Its soleplate is composed of stainless steel, embodied with 400 micro-holes.
  • It automatically shuts off, if it is remained unused vertically for more than 8 years, and in the horizontal position for more than 30 seconds.
  • Its steam burst is 180g/minute.
  • It is made in Germany.
  • It is provided with the warranty of one year.
  • It can be operated with the tap water.
  • Its soleplate is scratch resistant.
  • It is an eco-friendly gadget.
  • It has a unique 3D stylish design, which is very appealing and attractive.
  • It glides perfectly over the clothes, without any friction.
  • It saves both electricity and time.
  • It is equally beneficial and comfy both for right and left handed people.
  • It is perfect for the linen and cotton fabrics.
  • The length of the cord is not very large.
  • Despitea larger tank, it requires continuous refilling during ironing.
  • Its water tank has the dark color, which becomes a hurdle in the reading of water level in thetank.

9. Rowenta DW5197 Micro Steam Iron

 best irons 2017
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A wonderful iron, which has made the ironing task a piece of cake. Along with its efficient ironing in less time, its decent, adorable and stylish design is like icing on the cake. Some of its superb features are shown below:

Yielding professional results:

Its powerful capacity and strong steam bust allow the wrinkle free pressing, thus yielding professional results.

No Auto-off Feature:

One of the most fabulous features, which empowers you to use the iron freely, without taking the tension of turning the iron off.

Pointed precision tip:

Its precised tip empowers the iron to press, narrow and congested areas and spaces like, over the collar and between the buttons etc.

Versatile Systems:

It has following systems:

  • Anti-dripping System
  • Anti-calcium system
  • Self-cleaning Operation
  • Vertical steam

Anti-Calcium System:

This mechanism comprises a valve, which prohibits the condensation of calcium and impurities by collecting scales.

Anti-Dripping System:

Its anti-dripping system provides efficient steaming at low temperature without any leakage splitting.

Vertical steaming:

It facilitates the users with the vertical steaming for the curtains, hanging garments, and drapers etc.

Self – cleaning System:

It tends to clean, regulate and maintain its internal systems and mechanisms proficiently and automatically.

  • Its weight is 4.2 pounds.
  • Its manufacturer name is Groupe SEB.
  • Its wattage is 1725 watt.
  • Its soleplate has 400 micro-holes.
  • Its steam burst is 180gram per minute.
  • It is manufactured in Germany.
  • It is provided with the warranty of one year.
  • It has no automatic shut-off system.
  • It has embodied with a thermostat knob, in order to operate it.
  • Its steam bust is 180 grams per minute.
  • It is enough capable of providing the facility of vertical steaming.
  • Its cord is 8 Ft long.
  • It has ergonomic controls and handles.
  • It automatically shuts off, if it is remained unused vertically for more than 8 years, and in the horizontal position for more than 30 seconds.
  • It is superbly perfect and suitable for the fashion designers and for other professional use.
  • It works perfectly with the normal tap water.
  • It has graduated lines, over tank determining its water level.
  • For longer stationary tasks, it is perfectly suitable.
  • It doesn’t offer any leakage issue.
  • It glides smoothly and uniformly.
  • It consumes less time.
  • The quality of steam burst is efficient.
  • It has a fancy and cutting edge style.
  • It heats up quickly.
  • It is efficient for the delicate fabrics.
  • It is very easy to use and clean.
  • Its fancy style has over-shadowed the water depiction level, thus providing difficulty in reading the hydrolevel in tank.
  • It is a little bit heavy gadget, thus difficult to manage and handle for some people, Its weight is 4.2 pounds.

10. Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master Micro Steam Iron

clothes iron reviews
Quality Rating Bar

Last but not the least, the outstanding product which for sure occupies a strong position in your favorite home appliances list. Its remarkable features are described below:

Stainless Steel Soleplate:

Its smooth and firm soleplate ensures the smooth and firm gliding over the fabric, its metal exterior is scratch-resistant.

Powerful Steam:

It has a strong power system, which facilitates the ironing of superior quality. Thus, it provides high pressure for astrong and quick burst of steam in order to crease the stubborn wrinkles out.

Precision Tip:

Its sharp and smooth tip empowers you to press hard-to-reach areas and provides you wrinkle free ironing with professional results.

Vertical Steaming:

For the vertical steaming, the steam can be adjusted according to the requirement. It also has a cool mist spray which helps to remove the wrinkles. Moreover, it ensures the detailed ironing of the hanging clothes like drapes, hanging garments, curtains etc.

Strong and Firm Grip:

Its handle is made of the quality material, thus provides the strong and firm grip to the consumers.

Auto-off (3 way):

It offers the facility of automatic off with three options.It automatically powers off after 8 minutes when it is left in vertical position unused, and after 30 seconds if it is left unused horizontally.

Automatic Cleaning System:

It has a built-in auto-cleaning system, which enables it to clean its internal system and tank automatically by prohibiting the accumulation of calcium and impurities in the tank.

Anti-Dripping System:

It also has an anti-drip mechanism, which forbids the leakage of water from the iron particularly at the low temperature.

  • Its weight is 3.5 pounds.
  • Its manufacturer name is Groupe SEB.
  • Its wattage is 1700 watt.
  • Its soleplate is made of stainless steel, having 400+ micro holes.
  • The capacity of its water tank is 12.7 ounces.
  • It is provided with the warranty of one year.
  • It is made in Germany.
  • Its cord is 7 feet long.
  • Its burst steam is 150 grams per minute.
  • It has an anti-dripping system.
  • It has an anti-calc system.
  • It automatically shuts off, if it is remained unused vertically for more than 8 years, and in the horizontal position for more than 30 seconds.
  • It can be operated with the normal tap water.
  • It has a strong grip handle.
  • It has the scratch resistant technology.
  • It provides an efficient burst of steam.
  • Its water tank has great capacity.
  • Its self-cleaning system works competently.
  • It is very easy to operate and maintain.
  • Its cleaning process is a child’s play.
  • Its dark color makes the reading of tank difficult.
  • Its cord is not very long.


To recapitulate, with each passing second, science is doing wonders in all the walks of life, serving man from each and every aspect, which can be seen everywhere. Even our household appliances are the fruits of scientific innovation, which has added glamor and style to our home décor, which is also quite evident from 10 best rated steam irons.

These top rated steam irons enable you to have the professional iron impression from everyday linens to peculiar wardrobes, free from those stubborn wrinkles and creases in a short lifespan with great ease.

A Highly Recommended Product:

The above-mentioned products are highly trustworthy and valuable in this regard, recommended by the professionals. However, as far as my choice is concerned, I will love to go with Rowenta DW9280 Steam Force Professional Digital LED Display Iron because of its quality and latest design. I suggest you as well to buy this iron and get the maximum features altogether in a single iron!

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