5 Best Dog Food for Yorkies – Top Rated Picks

By far everyone has agreed with the stance:

It is really difficult to find the best dog food for Yorkies.

Or maybe:

Dog food is not as easy as we usually think. Reason to it relies on the fact that, there are several factors to see prior the purchase.

What’s the solution?

To trust the information we have researched for same. Which enables you to get best products in less time. We have five dog foods which can prove to be the best for Yorkies.

What to look Dog Food for Yorkies ?

Yorkies nutritional care?

Yorkies breed is small in size. They have a witty, playful and courageous nature. However, there is certain nutritional requirements.

Popularity off grain free dog foods:

Wilderness is what manufacturing companies consider while combining ingredients. Dogs and other animals prefer grain free prey in the forest. Grain free food contains carbohydrates.

However, the absence of grains is observed in this kind of food. Grain free dog foods are best until and unless – Yorkies are not allergic to it.

Digestive system:

Yorkies are feeble and very small. Hardly around 5 to 7 pounds (after reaching an adolescence). Smaller the bodies naturally tinier the stomach. Keeping these little munchkins well fed is different from other breeds.

Reason behind it is the small stomach. Giving them small chunk of kibbles really help. Instead of feeding them in large portions.

Nutrition and health:

Small sized dogs need more nutrition as compared to larger ones. Calories are burnt faster in Yorkies. Because of the activeness and feisty. Therefore, specially designed and formulated kibbles take care of this breed.

Size of kibbles:

Size really matters. With a one bite size, digestive system works faster. Selection of dog food for Yorkies is majorly based on small pieces of kibble.

5 Best Dog Food for Yorkies - Top Rated

1. Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food:

Best Dog Food for Yorkies

Wilderness characteristics are truly accepted in dogs. Not only because of the facts. But also related to the nutritional values a dog may require.

Taste of the Wild also believes in the philosophy. Therefore, had premeditated to come up with the recipe close to nature. Purely a captive list of components helping in healthy outcome for Yorkies.

Taste of the Wild is one of the best dry dog food for Yorkies. For the reason that it has considered genes and what ingredients make them crave for food.

LRM Team Rating:

5 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 5 stars out of 5.

  • Supplemented with balanced nutritional values.
  • Complete intake of adequate amount of antioxidants.
  • Fits the necessity of Yorkies from any age group.
  • Real and organic components are used.
  • All the nutritional values are apt according to the digestive system.
  • Taste of the Wild also has the potency to boost immune system.
  • Flavoring and smell is strong enough to build cravings for food.
  • Doesn’t have many flavors. But One is looking like One Man Army 🙂 
Our Team’s Take on the Product:

We have a team of ten members. They are typically assigned to work as an analyst. According to them, Taste of the Wild is an exceptional dog food. Arises from no benefit of the doubt. It has been given to around five different Yorkies. All of them had a really bad appetite. Later, it increased after the use of this particular dog food.

Reviews from our team members also revealed the size varies and so does prices. However, the good part is the prices are not too edgy. This is one of the main reasons why it is considered just too amazing.

2. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition:

best food for yorkies

Yorkies will undeniably love Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition. Smell, taste and health benefits are all combined together to make a wholesome product like this. Bite sized kibbles heartens Yorkies to have one after another piece.

Coat and skin of the Yorkies is highlighted among other breeds of same species. As you would expect, they need extra care. Royal Canin assists in maintenance with the help of biotin, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

Since Yorkies are notorious for less appetite, extremely scrumptious meals are prepared for them. Tangs and palate, both has its own role in the manufacturing of Royal Canin. Another feature of Yorkies is the extended life span. To serve the purpose, Royal Canin considers all the possible aspects to sustain their overall health.

LRM Team Rating:

5 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 5 stars out of 5.

  • Muscles and bones of Yorkies are strengthened.
  • Royal Canin fits the necessity of all types of skins – wrinkled, shaggy, sensitive and folded.
  • Yorkies have lesser gripping power. Kibbles of Royal Canin are small and easy to take a bite.
  • Kibbles are chewable, digestible and eatable.
  • Fulfills fussy hungriness.
  • Royal Canin is not aged specific. It is only for those who are ten months and above months and years old.
Our Team’s Take on the Product:

Our team was divided into two groups. The first one had the chance to take 45 days to give us the verdict. And the other one had only 30 days to notice the changes. According to the first group members, Royal Canin provides what it promises.

They loved the result found in less than two months. Coat and skin of Yorkies started to glow. Even overall health started to show positive signs. For them: it was one of the best dog foods for Yorkies.

The second group gave them mutual stance that: Yorkies who had dry and patchy skin, started to show improvement. But it took some time. Maybe because these dogs had really, really bad skin and health conditions. It took almost 45 to 50 days to start showing improvement. Even then, the outcome was amazing.

3. Purina Pro Plan Focus:

dog food for yorkies

Another best dog food for Yorkies is Purina Pro Plan focusing on the adults. But what assisted in bringing it in the list of best food for Yorkies is based on advantages. Recipe of Purina Pro is hundred percent healthy, organic and with the balanced nutrients.

Exceptionally long life is considered while planning the ingredients and recipe. It also gives surety to prove it by giving an overall balanced health. Moreover, the product is full of essential features which include; a quick boost to immunity, craving, and intensive formulas.

Digestive system, cardiac concerns, skin issues and similar apprehensions are treated well by Purina Pro. In short, it is a complete health care for Yorkies, especially for those who are aging with time.

LRM Team Rating:

4.9 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 4.9 stars out of 5 .

  • The size of the kibbles is such which encourages Yorkies to chew, digest and crave for.
  • Bones, joints, and teeth are given strength through calcium, minerals and phosphorus.
  • Also contains prebiotic fibers which aids in digestive system.
  • Balanced dog food without gluten, synthetic flavoring and colors.
  • Different flavors are introduced for various palates.
  • Special formula for aging Yorkies.
Disadvantages: NO
  • Apparently, there are no disadvantages of the product.
Our Team’s Take on the Product:

Our Team’s Final Verdict:Many Yorkies of the team members negated what the Purina Pro Plan justifies. According to them, it is good enough even for those dogs who are below ten months old. It is because, they experimented making a mushy formula by adding milk in kibbles. And blending it into the perfect liquidly formula. It helped these below ten months old Yorkies to enjoy food.

Tremendous and amazing result was noticed in these old and young dogs. It served the purpose and gave an instant boost of energy. Lethargic and dull dogs became active and smart. Challenging was the time when they had to feed these dogs who had less craving for food. Interestingly, fussy eaters also started to enjoy the food.

4. Wellness Core Natural Grain Free:

food for yorkies

Wellness Core is classified under the top five best dog food for Yorkies. But the question arises, “why it is so”? As a matter of fact, it has a complete meal plan suitable for Yorkies of all ages. Not specifically for any age group. Neither contains preservatives, gluten, grain, artificial flavors or colors. Like many other dog foods in this list, it also has the notion of providing best health care.

Bones, teeth, joints are fortified with Wellness Core. Omega 3 and 6 along with suitable quantity of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and probiotics are counted in this formula. Not only delicious is the taste, but the palates of dogs are catered with different flavors. Moreover, it is just too tempting for every type of dog – those who are slow eaters, have eating disorder, with low appetite, etc.

Flavors found in the Wellness Core Natural are:

  • Chicken and turkey.
  • Mango and duck.
  • Pomegranate and turkey
  • Duck and turkey.
  • Cherry and chicken.
  • Brown rice and chicken.
LRM Team Rating:

4.9 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 4.9 stars out of 5.

  • Bones, teeth, and joints are supported.
  • Particularly for Yorkies with high value nutritional values.
  • Kibbles are small, easy to digest and chew.
  • Digestive and immune systems are enhanced.
  • By-products of different animals for feed, artificial flavoring, typical usage of synthetic colors, gluten and grains are kept away from this product.
  • Well balance diet for Yorkies of all age groups.
  • Skin and coat of Yorkies become shinier and smoother.
  • Can cause teary eyes, diarrhea and vomiting in puppies.
Our Team’s Take on the Product:

Our team members were of the view that it best for those who are not in the first few months of the life. Meant for those who are above two months of age. According to the take of our members of the team, Wellness Core proved to be the average product in the market.

It has the tendency to make Yorkie puppies go through upset tummy, watery eyes and pain while passing stool. This caused trouble at home where these dogs were kept. However, the stance on this product nullifies all those with the bad reviews. It is simply because it is not supposed to be given to those who are too young.

5. Wellness Complete Health:

best puppy food for yorkies

Last but not the least, Wellness Complete Health is a product which negates the objection on specified food for different age-groups. It is indeed one of the best dog food for Yorkies. Reason being the possession of complete festivity for dogs.

A mouthwatering recipe allows dogs to come to the food all by themselves. The best sign is to see Yorkies enjoying the meals. All the ingredients are selected carefully keeping nutrients in attention. Moreover, Wellness Complete Health is the defender of providing energy, the immune and digestive boost in the systems.

Flavors of Wellness Complete Health are not one but many. They are:

  • Sweet potato and chicken.
  • Lamb and chicken.
  • Apples and lamb.
  • Sweet potato and duck.
  • Brown rice and chicken.
LRM Team Rating:

4.8 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 4.8 stars out of 5.

  • A well-adjusted ingredients and nutritional values.
  • Kibbles are bite size, easy to digest and chew.
  • No preservatives, gluten, synthetic flavors and colors. No grains whatsoever kind. By-products are also kept away from the product.
  • Bones and teeth are stimulated.
  • Digestive and other main systems of the body are taken care of.
Disadvantages: NO
  • It is difficult for pet owners to determine the size. Age of Yorkies is not mentioned in different sizes of packaging.
Our Team’s Take on the Product:

Overall stance given on Wellness Complete Health is quite satisfying. All the members of the team gave affirmative opinions. It stopped teary eyes, stops loose motions and also started to make health good.

They also stated that it was not difficult to feed dogs. For the matter, it was strong, both in taste and smell. It elevated the digestive system which helped in an increase of appetite. Moreover, it gave a very jittery feeling to see health improving.

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