5 Best Digital Cameras 2017 That Will Make Your Photography Perfect

what is the best digital camera

Most of the people are worried to buy the Best Digital Cameras 2017 that have latest quality, and probably you are one of them as well. But, here I am going to resolve the issue now.

You might be familiar with the fact that:

There are numerous kinds of digital cameras available at the stores to buy, but how to check either the quality is good or poor? Most of the people get false products and waste their money.

But, the solution always exists:

Analyzing the quality of the digital cameras is a tough job, but I have made it easy here!

You will find the 5 top rated digital cameras that are at the peak of quality having the perfect features and unique specifications!

Yes, It has happened now!

I have gathered the latest information about these digital cameras to help you out, provide you the digital camera reviews. Now, you can easily pick the product you have longed for!

Best Digital Cameras 2017 - 5 Cameras to Provide Quality Photography

Below are some of the important features that we all look for in a perfect camera. Such qualities and rich tools make one product best amongst all. Some of the fine and important features of Best Digital Cameras 2017 are mentioned below:

Major features that must be available in the camera ?
  • High performance
  • Compact design
  • Compatibility with Android devices
  • Multi-Angles
  • Attractive filters
  • Capability to manage low-light
  • Macro shooting
  • High shutter speed
  • Excellent megapixel lens
  • Autofocus Ability
  • Continuous shooting system
  • HD resolution
  • Digital technology
  • Touch Screen LCD
  • High speed performance
  • Good quality images
  • NFC connectivity
  • Powerful processor
  • Optical image stabilization
  • BSI-CMOS sensors
  • Built-in Wifi

1. Sony DSC-RX100M III Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera:

best digital cameras 2017

Sony DSC-RX 100M gives you an amazing picture with blur backgrounds because it has a Carl Zeiss lens. And also it has the electronic viewfinder for framing your images, and it gives you tilt screen for 20.1MP selfie. It also has a fast processor for still photos and clear HD videos. Sony has made the best pocket camera for you. You can easily take this anywhere with you. So this is the best small digital camera to buy for you.

Power Sensors:

It has powerful sensors. It also has many advanced technologies like it's back-illuminated technology increases light sensitivity and also reduces noise reductions. Most importantly manages light when it comes to outdoor shots and landscapes.

Perfect Lens:

This Sony camera has good F1.8-2.8 Zeiss Vario- Sonnar T* lens that gives you the best quality pictures and clear images with Lena up to 24-70mm zoom. This lens is best for images like portraits, shooting scenes and it also provides you with macro shots with an amazing bokeh quality.

A built-in SVGA OLED viewfinder:

With the help of the viewfinder, you can have clear details in your pictures and can easily view all the small details while you are shooting. This feature helps you a lot when it comes to viewing photos. You will definitely get pleased by the results of this digital camera.


With the multi-angle 3, Xtra fine LCD display gives you the freedom to take selfies with multi-angles with the help of rotating display, this is quite easy for any photographer to take photos by not missing any angle or moment. And just scroll down through LCD to view your photos and these advanced features stabilize or adjust the light in outdoor shots.

ND Filter for Wide Angles:

This tool gives you the best quality images with built-in brightness in your wide-angle pictures.

Uncompressed Video Recordings:

This feature provides you clear and bright videos with quality with a frame up to 24p, 60p, and 60i. This feature makes it the best digital video camera.


It has a high compatibility ability that helps you to get connected with your Android devices through the NFC and Wi-Fi and you can also control your camera with the help of your smartphones as well. And can easily transfer your files from one device to another. NFC connectivity takes place by just simply touching the devices.

Play memory Camera apps:

These apps help you in adjusting frames, style of portraits, time lapse, close-ups, sports, and motion pictures. This app works with Wi-Fi, and it's very easy to control these apps during shots as well, and you can also post pictures on Facebook without even connecting with your laptop or smart device.

Features & Specifications:
  • The item weight is 0.64 lbs.
  • The Li-battery constant is 2 Watt Hrs.
  • The Li- Battery voltage is 5 Volts
  • The Li-battery weight is 3.5.
  • Its macro focus is 5 cm.
  • It offers a one-year warranty.
  • Its material type is Al.
  • The maximum range of aperture is ƒ/1.8.
  • The focal length is 70 mm.
  • The resolution is 5,472.
  • The aperture is ƒ/2.8.
  • The least shutter speed is 30 seconds.
  • The optical range is 20.9 MP.
  • The item dimensions are 28 x 1.61 x 4.02.
  • The Display item weight is 1.2lbs.
  • Its shipping weight is 1.4 lbs.
  • The shutter speed is 1/2000 of a second.
LRM Team Rating:

5 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 5 stars out of 5.

  • It has articulating LCD display.
  • It has the best picture quality.
  • The zoom lens gives you clear and natural images.
  • It has good shutter speed.
  • It has light in weight, easy to carry.
  • It is quite small in size. 
  • It basically records up to 29 minutes snaps.
  • Its menu options don't work well.
  • Its functions are quite difficult to understand.

2. Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR + canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS & EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Lens + 58mm 2x Lens + Wide Angle Lens + Auto Power Flash + UV Filter Kit + 24GB SDHC card + Accessory Bundle:

best digital camera

The Canon EOS Rebel has a DIGIC powerful processor and it has a sharp lens up to EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS 2 lens with the best picture quality. It also has powerful compatibility and provides you with clear and bright videos. It also has the ability to manage low-noise light shots. It also has a good navigation process, live view and also shares your photos.

Powerful Processor:

The combination of Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR camera with the 18-55mm lens with DIGIC 4 image processor gives you good quality wide angle with the clear view with better focal length. It provides you great range photos with clarity and has a color adjusting tool; it also has an ISO range up to 100- 6400 with the hell of this you can shoot in low light conditions.

18.0 megapixel CMOS sensor and DIGIC processor:

Gives you high-quality images, low noise reduction with good performance with 3fps continuous shooting.

HD Videos:

You can also have snapshot 2 4 and 8-second videos and have better HD quality videos between 1080p, 720p, and 480p for clear videos.

Scene, Intelligence Auto Mode:

Scene intelligence auto mode gives you high enhancements and correct exposure for advanced quality results.

Features guide:

This feature guides you step by step during shooting and also guides you about various modes.

Continuous shooting:

Continuous shooting gives you 3.0 fps perfect shots with good results.

Creative filters:

It provides you with 5 excellent filters like:

  • Grainy B/W
  • Soft focus
  • Fisheye effect
  • Miniature effect
  • Toy camera effect

8 Shooting modes:

8 Shooting modes help you during your shots with a high-performance rate:

  • Auto since intelligent
  • Flash off
  • Creative auto
  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Close up
  • Sports
  • Night portraits

GPS Compatible:

GPS feature helps you in finding different locations, latitude, longitude, and altitude. Its electronic compass will help you with locations during shots etc.

Features & Specifications
  • Its good aperture rate is ƒ/22.
  • Its least shutter speed is 30 seconds.
  • The optical resolution is 18 MP.
  • Its shipping weight is 9.65 lbs.
  • Its video HD resolution is 1080p.
  • The ISO is up to 200-6400.
  • Its native ISO range is 6400.
  • Its extended ISO range is 12800.
  • The item dimensions are 12 x 10 x 10.
  • The item weight is 5 lbs.
  • The good aperture rate is ƒ/3.5.
  • The shutter speed is 1/8000second.
  • It has 18MP APS-C CMOS good Sensor system.
  • It has a powerful processor.

Additional Tools:

  • It has the Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR Camera which contains 18-55mm Lens.
  • It has Caps for Canon EOS Cameras.
  • It gives you Battery Charger for EOS Rebel T3.
  • It has Li-Ion Battery Pack.
  • It has Lens Cap to protect the LCD.
  • It has Battery Cover.
  • USB Cable
  • EOS Solution Software to guide you.
  • Camera handling Strap.
LRM Team Rating:

4.9 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 4.9 stars out of 5.

  • It has amazing picture quality.
  • It contains 2UV filters to make your images more creative.
  • It has good battery life.
  • It is best for professional photographers.
  • It is quite an excellent camera.
  • It offers you a one-year warranty.
  • Its shutter speed doesn't work well.
  • Its autofocus, quality is not so Good.

3. Nikon D3300 24.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR with Auto Focus-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR II Zoom Lens (Black):

best digital slr camera

It gives you perfect picture quality with vibrant colors, high performance, good compatibility, better panoramas and lightly blurred photos and HD videos with better sound quality.

Create Beautiful Photos:

Create your own style by adding softness, colors, light, and attractive filters. It manages light and gives you natural looking photos you can also share your stuff on social networking sites etc.

Android Compatibility:

You can access this device with the help of your smartphone as well just by with WU 1a wireless adapter you just have to install the app on your smartphone and then connect that app with your camera and get started after this you can easily transfer your photos, videos and you can also control your camera with the help of this camera easily control the functions.

Memories Shot and Beautiful:

You can also make snapshot videos of 2 4 and 8 seconds with high speed. And you can also shot in low light. You can have 24.2-megapixel images and 1080p HD videos with perfect details, vivid colors, and clear images.

Easy to Handle:

It is easy, light and reliable you can easily take this camera everywhere you want because of ultra compact design it is easy to handle and Carry.

HD Video Quality:

The D3300 not only take good photos, but also make HD videos with pleasing sound quality and it also has many creative filters.

Focus on every detail:

It gives you very fine details with 11 point autofocus feature. You can also capture fast moving subjects and can record HD resolution videos. And also with amazing features also record the sounds while recording HD videos. This D3300 provides you with better results every time.

Wi-Fi compatibility:

It has built-in Wi-Fi ability. You can easily connect your camera to Wi-Fi.

Features & Specifications
  • You can easily shoot 5 frames within 5 seconds.
  • The item Dimensions are 3.86 x 2.99 x 4.88.
  • The item Weight is 0.95lbs.
  • The Lens Type is Interchangeable.
  • Its Li-battery energy content is 8.85 Watt Hrs.
  • Its Li- battery weight is 3.5 oz.
  • Its material type is a carbon fiber composite.
  • Its good aperture is ƒ/36.
  • The maximum focal length is 55 mm.
  • Its shutter speed is 1/4000 of a second.
  • Its horizontal resolution is 6,000.
  • The least aperture is ƒ/3.5.
  • Its video capture resolution is 1080p.
  • Its least focal length is 18 mm.
  • Its ISO range is 100-12800.
  • It has 3 inches large LCD with 921,000 dots.
  • It has an easy panorama mode.
  • It gives you guide mode.
  • it has built-in Wi-Fi.
  • SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory card present in it for big storage.
  • It has many color options.
  • It offers you a warranty of one year.
  • Its shipping weight is 2.7 lbs.
  • The video capture format is mpeg-4;h.264.
LRM Team Rating:

4.9 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 4.9 stars out of 5.

  • It has better low light and picture quality.
  • It gives you amazing shots.
  • It provides you with sharp details.
  • You can also add many effects and filters.
  • Easy to handle and carry.
  • It is easy to operate the system.
  • It has good compatibility, with other devices.
  • It has built-in wifi and Bluetooth.
  • It is not water resistant.
  • The zoom lens is slightly blurry.

4. Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR Camera Kit with EF-S 18-55mm IS II Lens:

digital camera reviews

The Canon EOS Rebel T5 SLR camera is the best digital slr camera for capturing photos and making memories.It also makes high-quality videos with better sound. It has 18 megapixel CMOS sensor and DIGIC processor for advanced picture quality. It has a big LCD screen of 3-inches for best live views and reviews this advanced camera makes photography very easy and quick.

Powerful Lens:

ESO camera includes high-performance, quality of photos with powerful and improved 18.0-megapixel sensor in combination with the brilliant processor which takes your photography to another level.

Powerful Processor:

It gives you high-resolution pictures and videos because of an incredibly powerful processor.

DIGIC 4 image processor:

This process speeds up your camera features and multiple operations and this advanced technology gives you many shots in less time.

Scene intelligence Auto Modes:

These modes help you in setting exposures, managing light sensitivity, analyze your every photo and adjust every single detail.

Continuous Shooting:

With this tool, you can shoot almost 3.0 frames per second shots up to 69 JPEGs.

9 Point AF system and Al servo AF tools:

These tools handle camera focus, light and also manage continuous focus and light for moving subjects.


It has many creative filters that give you unique pictures.

Shooting modes:

It has many shooting modes like; flash off, creative auto, portraits, landscapes, closeups, night scenes.

GPS Compatible:

This GPS capability provides you in finding locations and calculating latitude, longitude, and altitude.

Additional features:

  • The Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR Camera has good 18-55mm Lens
  • Body Cap for Canon EOS Cameras to protect.
  • Charger
  • Li-Ion Battery Pack
  • It has Lens Dust Cap.
  • It has Battery Cover.
  • USB Cable.
  • Digital software to guide.
  • Handling Strap.
Features & Specifications
  • The item dimensions are 3.94 x 3.07 x 5.12.
  • The item weight is 1.06 lbs.
  • The Li-battery range content is 6.8 Watt Hrs.
  • The Li-battery weight is 45 grams
  • The least shutter speed is 30 seconds.
  • The optical resolution is 18 MP.
  • The zoom lens is 5.6x.
  • The display Resolution is 460000.
  • The ISO range is 6,400.
  • It has the powerful processor.
  • It offers a one-year warranty.
  • The good aperture is ƒ/3.5.
  • The good focal length is 55 mm.
  • The good shutter speed is 1/4000sec
  • The horizontal resolution is 5,184.
  • The least aperture is ƒ/38.
  • The less focal length is 18 mm.
  • The shooting Speed is 3 fps.
  • The display is 3 inches.
  • It has 18 megapixel CMOS sensor.
  • It gives HD resolution videos up to 1080p.
LRM Team Rating:

4.9 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 4.9 stars out of 5.

  • It has a good battery life.
  • Touch screen LCD is very helpful.
  • Good camera for all beginners
  • Its color's quality is very amazing.
  • Highly recommended the camera.
  • You can easily zoom your images.
  • You can make HD videos with high-resolution quality.
  • Best product on which one can spend money.
Disadvantages: NO
  • It is not water resistant.
  • Some settings are very complex to understand.

5. Nikon COOLPIX L840 Digital Camera with 38x Optical Zoom and Built-In Wi-Fi (Black):

best small digital camera

This Nikon COOLPIX L840 has many advanced features and the amazing tools that can easily please you. It contains long zoom lens for perfect close-up and its design is very compact and easy to handle, it has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, it also has a compact grip style design, portrait system, and full High-resolution 1080p videos.

38x optical zoom:

It contains 38x optical zoom, a 76x amazing fine zoom lens for brilliant pictures.

Optical Telescope:

It's an optical telescope zoom glass lens provides you with the best quality results every time and gives you excellent close ups.

Nikon Snap Bridge System:

You can also share your photos with the help of the Nikon snap bridge system. You just have to connect your smartphone to the camera and easily transfer your material from one place to another. It has built-in Wi-Fi and NFC system to share your memories. You can also control your camera with your smartphone as well.

3.0 inch 921,000 dot LCD:

3.0 inch 921,000 dot LCD makes your images and videos look perfect. It's shooting is very easy and you can also shoot with your camera in any situation.

Full HD 1080p Resolution:

With full HD 1080p resolution with a good sound quality, you can make your videos superior. Record full HD 1080p video with stereo sound at up to 30 frames per second.

3.0" 921k-dot tilting LCD monitor:

This feature can help you a lot in taking multiple shots from every angle. The wide LCD helps you a lot in viewing your images.

Snap-Back Zoom:

Snap-Back Zoom button allows you to zoom out quickly to find your subject and then zoom back with the release of the button.

Continuous Shooting:

Continuous shooting rate of 7.4 frames per second for up to 7 full resolution photos.

Memory Card:

Save photos and video to SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards. It has a large storage place present inside it to store your data.

Features & Specifications
  • It basically runs on 4 AA batteries.
  • Nikon L840 helps you in making your images creative like it has Portrait Photography, street photography, sports photography, landscape photography, daily photography.
  • Its small sensor system is up to 6.17 x 4.55 mm.
  • It has Good Wide Angle up to 22 mm.
  • Its battery life is 590 clicks.
  • The item weight is 1.2 lbs.
  • It has wireless Connection.
  • Its lens is 855 mm.
  • It has the built-in Wi-Fi connection.
  • Its Slow Lens work at f6.50.
  • Its fast Continuous capturing speed is 7.4fps
  • Its shutter speed is almost 1/4000s
  • The product dimensions are 3.8 x 4.5 x 3.1.
  • The shipping weight is 1.9 lbs.
LRM Team Rating:

4.9 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 4.9 stars out of 5.

  • It has a built-in Wi-Fi connection
  • It has the NFC connectivity built-in.
  • It can easily detect your face.
  • It provides you with long battery life.
  • It contains 38x zoom, optical lens.
  • It has a wide angle lens of 23mm.
Disadvantages: NO
  • It has no manual focusing ability with a macro lens.
  • It doesn't have panorama shooting.


These all products have many advanced and rich features with better working tools that give you complete freedom to enjoy your pictures and save our memories. They all have powerful sensors, the good processor system, touch screen LCD and all are compatible with Android devices. You can easily share your photos and HD videos easily to your smart device and also share your memories on social networking sites.

They all have a good compact design which is easy to handle and carry. They also have additional tools to help you. They also contain guide system to support you and teach you about a camera. These all are among the top digital cameras 2017, and many consumers highly recommend all of them. It is the best product for all the professional photographers and also for beginners. These products can make your life more beautiful with its amazing picture quality, vibrant colors, HD videos, snapshots and attractive filters.

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