8 Top Rated Latest Technology Dryers – Best Dryers 2017

Do you want the best washing machine and Dryer for your home? I have collected the top 8 Best Dryers 2017 to make your task easily done!

Buying a washing machine and a dryer is a daunting task because most of the people don't like doing laundry! So they want a good Washer and a Dryer that can make your laundry easy and quick with little effort.

But most of the times they get confused, see how!

As you know that there are a lot of products available in the market stores that present plenty of good features, but most of the time, they get a bad experience with these products.

How to get rid of the issue?

You just have to research a bit before you buy the washer and dryer. Look for the latest models of these products, so that you could be able to have the best benefits.

But Wait..

I have done all the research and tests for you and I have conducted the best dryer reviews for you. Just take a look once and buy with 100% satisfcation. All are the best in thier job.

8 Best Dryers 2017 That Will Provide You a Comfort of Clothe washing and Drying

But before you read further you should know the things you should see in dryers. Here I am going to tell the basic features a washer and dryer must have! These features and specifications are the fundamental kind of qualities that provide the users a vast range of comfort zone to work with.

So, it is compulsory to find these top features before you buy the washer and dryer 2017!

Major Features That Must be Available ?
  • Moisture Sensor
  • Extended Tumble
  • Stainless Steel Drum.
  • Wrinkle Release or Refresh
  • NSF Certified
  • Drying Rack

1. Maytag Maxima XL Front Load Steam Washer and Steam Dryer SET (Electric Dryer) in Graphite:

best dryers 2017

The Maytag Maximum is number 1 washing machine with good quality electric Dryer. It basically provides you with thebest laundry qualities. The Maxima XLTM has steam washer system with a power wash.

Maytag has both abilities of hot water and cold water process, it's up to you which one you want to use both the cycles remove the stains easily. Fromheat, water stains remove quickly with good wash power supply.

It has a cold water cycle system, this Cycle also provides you with thesame good performance but it uses less power. Maytag has an overnight, washed and dry cycle with this you can wash your clothes and also use a dryer to dry the clothes.

It offers extra large 4.3 Cu ft ability to get the perfect results. It has the best dryer machine that gives you a quality result because it also has a steam Dryer system. It is the best washing machine so far with all new amazing features that make your life easy and quick.

Important information:

  • It is an award winning best washing machine and dryer.
  • It also offers one- year labor warranty and parts warranty.

Features & Specifications:

Four Piece Set:

  • It is a four piece set, that gives you dryer, washer system, two sets of pedestals.

Steam Technology:

  • It has steam technology in both the drying and washing process.

Commercial Technology:

  • It also has a commercial technology for better cleaning of clothes.


  • It offers you 10 Years warranty.
Additional Information:
  • The model information is MHW7000AG-MED7000AG-XHPC155XG.
  • The Item Weight is 550 lbs.
  • The product dimensions are31 x 38.8 x 55.
  • Its Color is Graphite.
  • Its fuel type is Electric.
  • The Shipping Weight is 550lbs.
LRM Team Rating:

5 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 5 stars out of 5.

  • It offers you quick and easy washing.
  • The Maytag uses gravity to process in washing clothes.
  • It uses less water.
  • It is an excellent product.
  • It provides you excellent service.
  • It's Dryer works very well and gives you fine results.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It also has the adapter for the steam cycle.
  • The opening and closing doors on the washer are not reversible.

2. Electrolux Laundry Bundle | Electrolux EIFLS60LT Washer & Electrolux EIMED60LT Electric Dryer w/Pedestals – Titanium:

best dryer

The Electrolux laundry is the best electric dryer machine for your laundry room. The Electrolux includes a good quality washer system, 2 pedestal set, and the electric dryer. Electrolux is a complete washing machine with advanced quality dryer.

Features and specifications:

Steam Load Washer:

  • It has a steam load washer of 4.30 Cu ft.

Electric dryer:

  • It also has 8.0 Cu ft steam electric dryers.

Temperature Control System:

  • It also has a temperature control system to protect your clothes.

Additional Features:
  • It has 15 drawer pedestal.
  • It uses 66% less water.
  • It is 161% energy efficient.
  • Electrolux is Eco-friendly and the best washing machine.
  • It gives you good dryer technology that Gently dries clothes.
  • The Model Information is EIFLS60LT-EIMED60LT-EPWD15LT
  • The product dimensions are 31.5 x 27 x 53.
  • Its special features are Steam Cycle.
  • Its Color is Titanium.
  • The dryer Power Source is Electric.
  • The fuel type is Electric.
  • The shipping weight is 900 lbs.
  • The Item Weight is 522lbs.
LRM Team Rating:

4.9 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 4.9 stars out of 5.

  • Its dryer has no charging adapter.
  • It is an amazing dryer machine.
  • It has a temperature control system that protects your clothes from heat.
  • It has good features and easy to operate.
  • It uses less water and electricity.
  • The dryer has a large capacity to store clothes.
  • It has many setting options.
  • It is made up of cheap material, it's body gets easily scratched.
  • It doesn't have any dryer sensor.

3. LG "Wild Cherry Red" Steam Laundry Pair with Matching Pedestals and ELECTRIC Dryer (WM2650HRA, DLEX2650R, WDP4R):

dryer reviews

This LG washing machine has best advanced electric dryer, washer, and pedestals. The washer contains many features like COLDWASH TECHNOLOGY, STEAMTM TECHNOLOGY, 6MOTIONTM TECHNOLOGY and includes DRIVE DIRECT MOTOR.

This LG machine hasan attractive and stylish design. It also gives you a warranty. It has 7.3 Cu ft large ultra capacity. It also has STEAMFRESHTM TECHNOLOGY AND STEAM SANITARY TECHNOLOGY. It doesn't include any hoses.

Features and specifications:

Laundry System:

  • The LG laundry system includes electric dryer and Washer.

Direct Motor Drive:

  • It also has a direct drive motor.

Ultra design:

  • It has anultra stylish design with rich features.

Large Capacity:

  • It has anextra large capacity of cold steam and wash steam up to 3.6 Cu ft.

Steam Dryer:

  • The electric steam dryer has a capacity up to 7.3 Cu ft.
Additional Features:
  • The Model Information is WM2650HRA, DLEX2650R, WDP4R.
  • The item weight is 486.7 lbs.
  • The product dimensions are 39 x 54 x 25.5.
  • The special features are asteam cycle.
  • Its color is red.
  • The fuel type is Electric.
  • The shipping weight is 500lbs.

Important information:

  • It is a well-recommended machine.
  • It gives you one year warranty on all body parts.
LRM Team Rating:

5 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 5 stars out of 5.

  • It has many advanced features.
  • It has a good dryer, sensor system.
  • Its washer works very effectively.
  • Both washer and dryer machine works very well and quickly.
  • It is highly recommended LG washing machine appliance.
  • It is a bit noisiest machine.

4. Splendide WD2100XC White Vented Combo Washer/Dryer:

best clothes dryer

Splendid white vented washer and dryer combo gives you an extra capacity to wash and dry clothes with silent motors and it's AC motors are brushless. It also has awell-maintainedwater system.

It has a1200rpm spin that helps in drying heavy cotton up to 20% faster and quicker.

It gives you 10 wash cycles and 3 dry cycles. It also manages high-temperature rate, low-temperaturerate, and low spin. It is your perfect laundry partner.

Features & Specifications
  • It gives you the perfect combination of a washer and a dryer.
  • It provides you with 10 wash cycles.
  • It gives you 3 dry cycles with good quality results.
  • It always displays cycle status of wash cycles or dry cycles.
  • It has a 1200rpm that helps you in heavy clothes spin.
  • Itsself-cleaning filter removes lint and stains quickly.
  • It has a stainless steel drum.
  • The shipping Weight is 145lbs.
  • It can automatically manage water temperature, low spin, and low heat.
  • Its AC motors are brushless and make no noise during wash cycles and dry cycles.
  • It uses less power.
  • Its drum can easily spin the clothes.
  • The item weight is 145 lbs.
  • The product dimensions are 23.5 x 22.6 x 33.1.
  • The model number is WD2100XC.
LRM Team Rating:

4.9 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 4.9 stars out of 5.

  • It offers you one year warranty.
  • It easily washes, dries, drains and spins it is a perfect machine with all rich features.
  •  Clothes get dry very easily after the spin.
  • It has aneasy operating system.
  • It shows you wash timings after every wash.
  • It has a bad temperature calculating sensor.
  • The washer takes much time.

5. Midea MFL70-D1211S 2.0 Cu. ft. Front Loading Washer and Dryer Combo, White:

best electric dryer

This is perfect for home laundry. It has asmall size. A perfect solution to all like it gives you perfect washing, spinning and it adjusts the temperature timings, and it gives you large dispenser for detergent.

It has maximum 1200rpm spin speed rate. It has afront mounted panel and an LED display makes it easy for you to operate and use it.

Features & Specifications
  • It gives you a perfect drying system.
  • The washing and drying cycle don't make any noise.
  • It gives you 7 customized washing cycles.
  • It gives you perfect temperature adjusting sections.
  • It has a maximum 1200rpm spinning speed.
  • Its construction is of polyurethane tub.
  • It provides you with a control panel and LED display system.
  • It has powerful sensors that give you perfect cleaning and drying system.
  • It consumes less power.
  • It has alarge room for clothes.
  • It gives you quality cleaning.
  • The dryer is perfect and gives you fine dry clothes in less time.
  • The model information is MFL70-D1211S.
  • The item weight is 174 lbs.
  • The product dimensions are 23.1 x 23.5 x 33.5.
  • The model number is MFL70-D1211S.
  • Its capacity is 2 cubic feet.
  • Its color is White.
  • The Voltage is 120 volts.
  • The material type is Stainless-Steel.
  • The shipping weight is 184 lbs.
LRM Team Rating:

4.8 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 4.8 stars out of 5.

  • It has a standard plug.
  • It has a condensation dryer.
  • It has a good drainage system.
  • It has an electric drying system that gives you good drying
  • It gives you good results with both hot and cold water.
  • The combo is perfect of washer and dryer.
  • Its operating system is very easy.
  • It consumes much electric power.

6. Avanti 110-Volt Automatic Portable Compact Dryer with Stainless Drum and See-Thru Window:

dryer reviews 2017

It has a compact design. It has 110-volt clothes dryer system and it has a stainless steel drum. You can mount it on the wall, and vented. It gives you the perfect drying capability.

Features & Specifications
  • It gives you drying capacity up to 110 volts.
  • It has a stainless steel drum allocated inside it.
  • It has the capability of vented and recirculating.
  • It also has a viewable window, door.
  • It has a manual trimmer system.
  • It has a good efficiency and a standard dryer.
  • It also offers a one year warranty.
  • It dries your clothes quickly.
  • It has a compact dispenser design.
  • It has strong and powerful processor system that gives you quality work.
  • The model Information is D110-1IS.
  • The item weight is 45lbs.
  • The product dimensions are 17.2 x 23.8 x 27.5.
  • The model number is D110-1IS.
  • Its capacity is 4 lbs.
  • Its color is White.
  • The dryer power source is Electric.
  • The voltage power is 120 volts.
  • The fuel type is electric.
  • The shipping weight is 58.2lbs.
LRM Team Rating:

4.7 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 4.7 stars out of 5.

  • You can easily clean the filter.
  • You can also re-dry the loaded clothes.
  •  The dryer is located in a ventilated area.
  • The door is not properly closed.
  • Its drum doesn't rotate.

7. Panda Portable Compact Stainless Steel Tumble Dryer Apartment Size 110v 13lbs/3.75 Cu.ft. PAN760SF:

The panda portable compact stainless steel tumble dryer is an amazing washer and dryer machine with many advanced abilities. This is one of the largest machines. It basically has 13 lbs cloth capacity.

This dryer machine basically has a hot water cycle setting. It is quite large and you can easily operate it. It is a highly recommended product.

It gives thebest quality results everytime you use it. It has amuchmore powerful processor and rotating system. It takes less effort and provides you with the best results.

It has a compact design and easy settings. It has alarge drum to store more clothes.

Features & Specifications
  • The outside gets quite warm, but not much heated.
  • The dryer doesn't have much weight.
  • This dryer is best for hot cleaning of clothes.
  • It has a good filter.
  • It is not much noisy.
  • It is easy to mount on the wall.
  • It also includes wall mounting set.
  • It can easily clean many clothes up to 44lbs.
  • It is imported.
  • It has acapacity up to 13lbs.
  • You can easily plug it anywhere you want.
  • It has a stainless steel drum for the best quality results.
  • It also offers a one year warranty.
LRM Team Rating:

4.9 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 4.9 stars out of 5.

  •  It is easy to mount on thewall.
  • It has a good process.
  • It is good for hot washing of clothes.
  • It throws out warm air, which is good for winters.
  • It has alarge area for up to 44lbs.
  • It also has mounting set.
  • It has panda portable dryers.
  • It dries your clothes really fast.
  • It saves alot of energy and time.
  • Some time spinner doesn't work effectively.

8. Electrolux EWMED70JSS Wave-Touch 8.0 Cu. Ft. Silver Stackable With Steam Cycle Electric Dryer:

best rated dryer

Electrolux has front Electric Dryer with a good wave touch system that controls, steam up to 8.0Cu. Ft. It has many features and advanced tools that make this machine perfect among all.

It also has afaster dry system and gives you good quality results. It also has alarge capacity to wash more clothes everytime. It had many cycles to wash and dry clothes.

Features and specifications:

Gentle Dry technology:

  • It has gentle dry technology that gently dries the clothes on high temperature as well.

Fastest system:

  • It has thefastest dry system up to 14 minutes.
Additional tools:
  • It has the largest capacity to wash clothes.
  • It has a perfect steam system that freshens the clothes.
  • It has many cycles that giveyou perfect washing.
  • It has many additional features.
  • It hasa reversible door with customized large space.
  • It has wave touch control system to set the settings and it shows you endless options related to laundry.
  • It has thepreset option to dry your clothes whenever you want.
  • It adds steam to your clothes.
  • You can easily wash any kind of clothes.
  • It has 65 dry cycles for best results.
  • The control system is present on the front.
  • It also has a control lock system.
  • Its width is 27".
  • It has aluxury quite sound package.
  • The product weight is 130lbs.
  • The shipping weight is 140lbs.
  • The voltage rating is 120/240 volts.
  • The dry system is luxury dry.
  • The heating element is 5400 watts.
  • The drum is of stainless steel.
  • The door has touched 2 open systems.
LRM Team Rating:

4.9 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 4.9 stars out of 5.

  •  It has aperfect steam system.
  • It has a good LCD display.
  • It has awave touch electronic control system.
  • It has 92 drying cycles.
  • It offers a one year warranty.
  • It works very well and has alarge place in it.
  • Its operating system is quite critical.


Above mentioned all products are highly recommended. All these products are amazing innovations. You will be surprised after knowing the great and rich features related to the best clothes dryer. All these dryers have powerful sensors and stainless steel drum.

The rich features give you perfect laundry. They can easily manage the hot water and cold water. The spinner is also very effective in its work. Before purchasing a washing machine always check the features and specifications in detail about that product, thendecide which product should buy

All the above-listed products are best, but the one number#1 quality product isan Electrolux EWMED70JSS Wave-Touch 8.0 Cu. Ft. Silver Stackable, With Steam Cycle Electric Dryer ,it has many rich and advanced features. This product is highly ranked among all.

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