Best Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews 2016

What Exactly is The Definition Of The Best Automatic Cat Feeder?

Best automatic cat feeders are those which comes with a complete package of handling cat feeds automatically. Wihout much hassle and trouble, it maintains the routine and looks after the cats efficiently. 

Feeders indeed comes with the facilities in which waking up for them is considered best. Among many other features, some of the automatic cat feeders offer the voice messages option too. All you have to do is to record your message in which you may call pets the way you normally do. The recorder will play at the time of feed and call pets with their names. 

What are The Perks of Automatic Feeders?

Naturally, like many other products available in the market and online world, there are automatic feeders too. They come with a set of inbuilt structures. Some factors which determine the efficiency and quality of automatic cat feederS are mentioned in the later part of this review post.

The first aspect to evaluate a product, an automatic feeder is a product itself. Then, the second one hinges on your pet and last but not the least; it is the priority and need of time.

First and second factors are interrelated. However, sizes differ when they are delivered. At times it is not the same size which might make you angry. But then, it is always recommended to read reviews of the product for a better selection of these automatic cat feeders. 

Neither believe in everything written in the product description. Nor trust these automatic cat feeder for what you get to read on their sites. Thus, proven that it is a risk based task to get what you dream for your pet.

Coming to the main topic, best automatic cat feeders, we have some of them for you. Here, in this blog, you will get to know about ten different automatic cat feeders. Let’s delve in and see the efficiency of each in detail. But before doing that, why not take a quick glance at the factors you need to understand to determine the best pick?

What to Look in a Best Automatic Cat Feeder?

Prior fixating the need, you have to sit down and answer some or all of the stated pointers. How will they help might be the question hanging in your mind? Well, the importance of knowing basics like of any other product, a complete know-how of the pick on the automatic feeder for cats is quite helpful.

  • Competency and capability is the very first element of taking a feeder into consideration. Buying any automatic feeder is based on the efficiency as to the matter of concern. 
  • Size is the next point which you should never forget. Yes, it means the size overall along with the tank dimensions should be the main feature to give importance. How will you determine it, is on the number of pets you have. It also governs on the fact of usage of the unit, the cat feeder. How much do the cats eat and other associated influences are the factors to bear in mind. 
  • Number of pets is another aspect which you can’t ignore. Before buying an automatic cat feeder, you should focus on the number of pets in reference to the amount of food they might consume.
  • Airtight bags also known as the hopper is quite essential for the food which is not consumed. 
  • Next point which is quite helpful in picking an automatic feeder is whether the feed is moist or dry. You can’t go for a feeder which has only one option and that is of dry food.
  • Last but not the least, there are two options for you to look at. Firstly, the budget in which you have to get a feeder and the second one is how easy it is for you to plan out the purchase.
  • When it comes to the budget, you must predetermine it to make the right choice. 
  •  According to, you should know how to keep ants away from the feeder. It may cause pesticides in the house and can cause trouble in the feeder too.

Top Ten Best Automatic Feeders Reviews:

Are you looking for the best cat feeders that too which are automated? Following top ten automatic feeders for cats are those which will not only save your time and energy, keep pets well fed and cost average but also serve the purpose meaningfully.

1. Pet Feeder PF-10 USA:

Best automatic cat feeder


It is readily available and can be bought through free of cost shipment right on the doorstep of your house. Takes around 24 hours to get it delivered.

Our Opinion About the Product:

According to us, we liked it thoroughly. We reckon you want to know the reason. Well, to be honest, it started to show some flaws which were not noticed by few of our product analysis team members. What they know was feeder being extra good regarding the features. Those included a deep and sound sleep without the worry of feeding cats on time at 5 am every day. Other than that they also liked the ideas pitched while manufacturing it. Pesticides are kept away by the designing which truly helped in all literal meanings. 

They have given 4.5 stars out of 5 which obviously is a great call to buy the pet feeder USA PF-10

LRM Team Rating:

4.5 / 5

After suffering from LRM Team's strict review process this product earned 4.5 stars out of 5.

  • Extra snacking: Cats are attached to the kibble theft which doesn’t allow to get extra food from the feeder.
  • Control of food: It has one of the best features to adjust the quantity of food. For example, if your cat in some way starts to eat more than usual, the proportion level can be increased. You can take it to the maximum six cups to as less as one tablespoon of kibble in just one meal.
  • Freedom from pesticides: This feeder comes with a water tray at the bottom, making difficult for ants and other insects get inside the unit. These pesticides can't invade food at all.
  • Peace: One year guarantee comes with each and every unit. It also allows free of cost mechanical and/or electrical problems which happen to occur in a year's time.
  • Battery: Usage of battery is through the air conditioner adapter. It also includes cable.
  • When power fails, you might need to check on the feeder which is a total turn off.
  • We faced issue in the feeder when it was not switched on.
  • Tray got dried in the absence of electricity which paved way to get insects inside the unit, quicker than expected.

2. Pet Safe Healthy Pet:

automatic cat feeder reviews

We, a team of product analysis used Pet Safe’s product. And came with the view that you can pause the programmed feeding and continue whenever you may need. It provides a solid reasoning to buy it by the help of which feeding can be done on time. According to most of us, this particular automatic feeder is the custodian of nurturing cats with the right amount of feeds, with pauses if needed. This is one the best-rated feeder by us.

Therefore, we have given it 5 out of 5.

LRM Team Rating:

5 / 5

After suffering from LRM Team's strict review process this product earned 5 stars out of 5.

  • Pet Safe has launched one of the best automatic cat feeders which have the potential to:
  • Serve increased size which is relatively bigger than usual automated feeders. It can accommodate big sized cats as well as those which are small or tiny.
  • It also has a big The WOW factor. And that is of the feeder accompanying perfect and required scheduling for a set routine. Another feature which makes it stand out is the amount of feed you can serve - 12 meals in a day.

3. Auto Diet Wireless Whiskers:

automatic cat feeder

Does your cat need a diet plan and you are handicapped regarding feeding it according to the vet’s advice? If so, then auto diet wireless whiskers are right there, available in the online world, mainly on Amazon for a purchase. Rated as 4.4 out of 5, this feeder comes with wireless tags and an AC adapter. One of the salient features of this automatic feeder is the diet food which puts your cats on the diet all by itself – naturally and automatically.

If you have both, dogs and cats and you are unable to keep their food trays separately, it’s a total call for this feeder. Why? Well, it is because of not letting dogs and cats food in one place. Rather, it helps in keeping them separately and calls the pet’s name to draw attention. Isn’t that just too cute?

LRM Team Rating:

4.4 / 5

After suffering from LRM Team's strict review process this product earned 4.4 stars out of 5.

  • Keeps fatter cats away and skinnier ones towards food is the best feature of this feeder.
  • Robust and sturdy defines the product.
  • One of those best automatic cat feeders which are installed without a single issue.
  • Minutes are recorded for each cat as in how long did one cat take to have her/his meal.
  • Notifies and gives alert sign if the cat is not fed properly or had remained underfed.
Pitfalls or disadvantages:
  • Packaging isn’t too attractive but in the end, it is the productivity which matters.

4. Crown Majestic Series V3:

best rated automatic cat feeder under 100

Comes with a backlit LCD which is naturally a plus point and then it is also one of those automatic feeders for cats which are known for the competency. Now you must be thinking what sort of competency we are talking about? Well, it is programmed where kibbles are fed in one-fourth, half, quarter, one and two cups. You have to bear in mind that the food you can feed has to be dry. It doesn't need any prescription though. Moreover, Crown Majestic Series V3 is detachable from the water bottle or any outside container.

It worth a buy because of all the pros. It is comparatively cheaper than the majority of the automatic feeders and it is rated as 4.5 out of 5 by our review team.

LRM Team Rating:

4.5 / 5

After suffering from LRM Team's strict review process this product earned 4.5 stars out of 5.

  • Yes it is one of the best automatic cat feeders. Why? Because, it has very simple scheduling system, which can be customized according to the need.
  • It has a removable water dispenser, external container and a drinking bowl.
  • LCD displays the number of meals and time of feed.
  • Water dispenser is refilled with water automatically. 
  • Packing indicates the transparency inside the box. It can be taken as a good and bad part of the product. For many like us, it is good because you can always see through the package.
  • Intervals are too long at times, in between 6 to 24 hours.
  • The automatic scheduling disturbs if you switch it off or unplug it.
  • Programmed proportions come in play all the time which is not good.
  • Has loud and disturbing noise.
  • Bubble container which is of plastic doesn’t fit to the feeder.
  • Plastic water is of low quality.

5. Arf Pets - Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser:

automatic feeder for pets

Here is the fifth best automatic cat feeder in the market. It is an excellent automatic feeder which just fills in the requirement without much effort in a very comfortable manner. It is also suitable for customized feeding routine which goes up to four times in twenty-four hours. And yes, one important factor of this feeder is that Arf Pets feeder is specifically for those cats which aren’t too violent for food. It doesn't cost a lot, again a unit which is affordable and easy to buy. We have rated it 4.4 out of 5 due to the opinions we analytics hold. 

LRM Team Rating:

4.4 / 5

After suffering from LRM Team's strict review process this product earned 4.4 stars out of 5.

  • You don’t need to assemble the unit.
  • ABS plastic is used.
  • Scheduling and customization is very easy.
  • Serving can be scheduled from as low as one tablespoon to maximum one cup.
  • Locking system is such through which cat can’t cheat or find out ways to get more food.
  • LCD display with blue light and clock makes it easier to check time.
  • Controlling panel locks after particular time.
  • Manual feeding is also possible.
  • The power button is on the bottom of the unit. Not something which is easily done.
  • Manual doesn’t come with correct or complete information.
  • Portions for individual are not accurate.
  • Jamming and clogging makes a bad call for the unit.

6. MOTA Pet Feeder V2:

automatic cat feeder with timer

It is another automatic feeder which is completely programmed with voice controlling system and customized feeding times. Our special product analysis team has given 4.4 out of 5 to this unit. Price is not too bad as to what we normally get any automatic feeder. For pros and cons please check out the details:

LRM Team Rating:

4.4 / 5

After suffering from LRM Team's strict review process this product earned 4.4 stars out of 5.

  • This is one of the best automatic cat feeders because it comes with a voice recorder.
  • You have the power to divide portions of food. The unit however, plays on the controlling part and feeding your cat as per schedule.
  • It is quite a robust and sturdy unit which is very easy to operate.
  • You won’t fret or sweat about the cats whether the cat has eaten or not. Why? It is because of the recorder which records your message to the cat.
  • It is hard to keep the track of scheduling.

7. Qpets 6 Meal Best Automatic Cat Feeder:

cheap cat feeder

It comes with the gift wrapping option and is sold by the famous You can always get it shipped like any other automatic cat feeder without any extra money or fees. Considered as one of the most economical automatic feeders for cats. Our team has given 4.5 out of 5 stars. Advantages of this product are mentioned below:

LRM Team Rating:

4.5 / 5

After suffering from LRM Team's strict review process this product earned 4.5 stars out of 5.

  • There are total number of six trays in one unit.
  • You can program the product according to the need. This could go to 6 different timings.
  • Six different messages for your 6 pets is another feature which makes it the best automatic cat feeder.
  • Schedule is maintained for your cat.
  • LCD display screen with clock is another feature.
  • The voice message at times play weird and calls when the feed isn’t prepared.
  • Door which shuts is reachable and cats tend to get feed other than the schedule.

8. Easyology Jumbo Size Litter Mat:

what is the best cat feeder

Another automated cat feeder comes with an extra-large mat. This mat is 47 x 36 inches. According to the team’s feedback, this product is rated as 5 out of 5. Cost effective and very much in the budget of almost every pet owner. 

LRM Team Rating:

5 / 5

After suffering from LRM Team's strict review process this product earned 5 stars out of 5.

  • It has an awesome feedback from our team members. It is because of the softness and most comfortable thickness, durability and the efficiency of trapping litter that we have rated it among best automatic cat feeders.
  • The material is such that you can wait on it forever. And even then it doesn’t get effected. It is possible because of the thick and largest PVC solid material.
  • Maintenance and cleaning off the mess is not as complicated as other products or mats. You can clean it by vacuuming, proper wash and/or dry clean.
  • Works flawlessly,  another advantage of the mat.
  • 100 percent guarantee is given to the customers which comes with money back policy.
Disadvantages: NO
  • Here wasn’t any disadvantage noticed by the customers, strange and cool, isn’t it?

9. Pet Safe Water Station:

top rated pets feeder

Why we have included Pet Safe water solution in this list of best automatic cat feeder is on the fact that it is the first system which provides gravity food. It also has stainless and removable bowl made up of steel. Giving a complete comfort zone to wash it in the dishwasher. All you need to do is to sanitize the bowl in the dishwasher in the high temperature to eliminate all sorts of bacteria, toxins, and irritants. It is rated as 4.5 by our review expert.

LRM Team Rating:

4.5 / 5

After suffering from LRM Team's strict review process this product earned 4.5 stars out of 5.

  • The beauty of this unit lies on its design. It can be kept in any corner of the house because it gives a very pleasant feel. Serves the decoration purpose too.
  • Footprints of saving space in the kitchen and laundry rooms, etc. are provided.
  • Chlorine can be removed separately from the bowl for the pets.
  • Provision of fresh water never stops when needed.
  • Can hold one gallon of fresh water.
  • It is safe in dishwasher.
  • Plastic tank is provided which is removable.
  • it is only for the indoor and not outdoor.

10. Timed Cat Feeder:


Last but not the least, we have another best automatic cat feeder in the list. It is so good that even after the use of ten years nothing goes wrong. However, cat teeth marks are noticed which is quite natural to have. We have given 4.3 out of 5 stars and worth the rate because of some flaws in the system. The price of the unit is neither high nor low. 

LRM Team Rating:

4.3 / 5

After suffering from LRM Team's strict review process this product earned 4.3 stars out of 5.

  • It has the potential to serve up to five meals.
  • Quite easy to follow and set a 90 hour timer for a healthy meal plan.
  • Freshness of food is possible because of two ice packs.
  • Bowls can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Cats can learn the method of opening the chute and getting extra meal.


The list of best automatic cat feeders is not fixated to ten but many more. However, here are some concerns of not having a timed and automatic cat feeder. Firstly, it may give you an edge of not feeding your cat on time. But, it also may need the wake-up call, and that is something not suitable for pet owners. So, make sure you have an automatic feeder for your cats and dogs too. We also have the detailed guide on Best Automatic Dog Feeders and if you have it then be sure about the warranty, life of the battery and other salient features.

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