Best Activity Tracker 2017 That is a Perfect Health Guide to Own

activity trackers reviews

There are various products that measure the heart rate and contain other features as well, but the best activity tracker 2017 is of the top quality product!

A wide range of such wearable products is available at the stores that present countless wristbands with lots of features. But as you know that, the products are being upgraded day by day to make better for the later time period!

So, it is more difficult to pick up the right product that could provide an ultimate set of features with reasonable price.

But, you will be glad to know that:

…Here I have collected the top 4 top activity trackers to make you helped. Now, it is easier to measure the heart rate with a GPS technology feature in the year 2017.

You are going to find the latest designed product models 2017 that will surely assist you to have the stuff you were longing for.

Best Activity Tracker 2017 - A Wristband to Analyze Your Activities Perfectly

Top rated activity trackers reviews are mentioned below with detailed information of features that keep you updated, related to your health and daily workouts. Some of the important features are listed below that are important in all watchbands because these advanced features make them best amongst all.

Major Features Must be Available :

  • GPS Tracking System
  • Good Connectivity
  • Water Resistant
  • Heart Rate Stats
  • Music
  • Time
  • Large LCD Display
  • Long Battery Life
  • IQ System
  • Powerful Compatibility
  • Good Sensors
  • Vibrating Mode
  • Auto Sleeps Mode
  • Alarms
  • Tracking System
  • Multi-Sport Tracking
  • Cardio System Level
  • Reminders
  • Reminders
  • S Health

Here we go to see the details:

1. Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch, Black, Large

best activity tracker 2017

The Surge is the best activity tracker watch. It is not only a watch, it is a super watch. It has a GPS system for easy tracking, it has long battery life that lasts more than 7 days, whereas GPS battery life lasts up to 10 hours daily, it automatically gives you an exact heart rate ratio, it guides you all day about your workouts, activities, calories, distance, track steps. 

It also gives you notifications of text messages and calls you can also enjoy music while tracking or exercising. It automatically sets alarm and adjust your sleeping time. It is basically a complete guide with many advanced features or you can say that it is one of the best selling watch brand so far.

GPS Tracking System:

It has a strong GPS system, it manages your run time, pace and distance rate. You can also see your track while you are running. It keeps you alert about locations and tracks.

Heart rate:

It is a perfect monitoring system of heart rate zones during training and exercising. It also measures your calorie rate. By understanding heart rate you can easily adjust your weight goals, you can calculate your exercise time, can manage your stress. So, this Surge watch is perfect to maintain your health.

Adjust your activities:

It can easily manage your all day activities now all of your daily routine, workouts, exercising is coming to you in stats forms so that you can understand the accurate ratio.


Surge gives you notifications all day it always keeps you updated with all new and urgent stuff. It also manages your calls and text messages. Whereas music helps you in relaxing.


It automatically calculates your sleep that how well you sleep and it also sets alarm to notify you.

Share your workout stats:

You can also share your workout stats with your family and friends.

Features & Specifications:
  • It is present in all sizes; small, large and X-large.
  • It includes charging cable and a wireless sync.
  • It has a long battery life and made up of Li-polymer.
  • It is water resistant.
  • It's environment requirements are that the temperature varies up to -4° to 113°F and the best operating system is 30,000 feet.
  • It has many components like:
  1. GPS
  2. Altimeter
  3. Motor
  4. Light sensor
  • You can also share your information with your family and friends.
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Digital compass
  • It also has a strong memory system.
  • Its display is a touch screen with monochrome LCD and has a backlight.
  • It is made up of durable material and has a stainless steel strap.
  • It also manages your bike tracking and guides you.
  • It gives you alerts and keeps you updated.
  • You can also control music with the help of Bluetooth classic.
LRM Team Rating:

5 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 5 stars out of 5.

  • It is water resistant.
  • Its battery life lasts up to 7 days.
  • It tracks the data for maximum 7 days regularly.
  • It is the best fitness trackers.
  • It gives you perfect heart rate zones.
  • It has a good connectivity system.
  • Its LED has abacklight to give you certain alerts.
  • It is your perfect guide.
  • Its battery time is not powerful.
  • The sleep tracking is not accurate sometimes.

2. Garmin vívosmart HR+ Regular Fit GPS Activity Tracker - Imperial Purple/Kona Purple

best activity tracker

The Garmin Vivosmart HR has a built-in GPS and accelerometer that helps you with the perfect track distance and rate. Timeand stats of daily activities automatically appear in touchscreen LED. It also has anadvanced feature like anelevated system that measures your heart rate and calorie burns. It is yours, all day perfect partners.

Perfect stats:

It provides you with exact stats,whether you workoutindoor or outdoors. It calculates your running, steps, distance and calories.

Heart rate zones:

Its new elevated system helps you in calculating your exact heart beat rate you can know workout or exercise without an additional strap to measure heart rate.


It gives you a good notification system and keeps you updated with your daily activities. It notifies you whenever you receive a new message from your compatible Android phone it automatically vibrates and displays the information on the LED display.


It has a strong connectivity power you can easily connect this watch to your smartphone and share you or information, stats and workouts online with your friends and family. You can also connect your watch with the other users of this watch to measure your stats with others. Make an account on your smartphone for checking calories rates daily.

IQ System:

It automatically adjusts your activity timer when you start other activities like running, swimming, biking and later to view the calculation of the Garmin connecting system.

Water Resistance:

Its structure is water resistant. You can easily wear your watch while you are swimming.


It has a large vibrant display with large LCD. That shows you time and accurate stats about your daily workouts and exercise rate.


It has the strong compatibilitypower,it can easily connect with other android devices so that you can transfer your data online and also share your stats with friends and family.

Features & Specifications
  • It gives you advanced vibrating alert system.
  • You can easily control music system with the help of asmartphone.
  • It also measures the intensity calculation as per minute.
  • And touchscreen shows you stats, even in sunlight.
  • It is waterproof you can easily swim by wearing this watch on your hand.
  • It is a perfect all day fitness guide that gives you alerts and keeps you updated.
  • You can also take snapshots of your fitness levels and can share with your friends and family.
  • Record your exercises and workouts with new advanced feature multi-sport system that later displays all your stats to display.
  • This Fitbit charge 2 gives you notifications and
  • Alerts about text messages, calendar alerts and calls and this also reminds you of your tracking time.
  • It allows you to change your watch straps whenever you want.
LRM Team Rating:

5 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 5 stars out of 5.

  • It has built-in accurate GPS system.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It has the accurate fitness functions for the heart rate zones.
  • Always has the time display on it the whole time.
  • It gives you high sensation receiver.
  • It has Smart notifications (emails, calls , texts and social media) .
  • A virtual pace system is included to keep you active.
  • Comes with the effective calorie calculation.
  • Monitors your total sleep period.
  • Learns the activity level and adjusts your everyday goal.
  • Auto sync transfers data automatically transferinformation to other devices .
  • It has the rechargeable Li-ion battery.
  • It has a Wireless connection (Bluetooth smart) .
  • It also measures the climbing.
  • It'shard to read the display in dark.
  • Stair climbs rateis not very accurate.
  • The display screen is fragile.

3. Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband, Teal, Large:

activity tracker reviews

Fitbit charge 2 is basically a fitness wristwatch and measures your heart rate. It is number #1 selling tracker watch. It automatically understands your activity and starts working and calculating the stats, steps, workouts, heart rate, and distance with thebuilt-inmap, you can easily track your way of running. 

It also notifies you time to time about your Daily routine, workouts, calls, and messages, etc. It has many advanced features and software that makes your life easy and Healthy.

Heart rate

It manages your heart rate zones and gives you accurate and exact reading that keeps you updated with your daily heart levels. This watch gives you time to time rates of your heart beat.

Multi-Sport tracking:

This advanced feature controls all of your daily activities, your scheduled plans, workouts, exercises, tracking rates, and much more. The multi-sport tracking system allows you to easily understand the operating system of Fitbit charge 2.

Cardio system level:

It manages your cardio system level and gives you exact level zones and shows you stats on the LED display. This system provides you abetter understanding of your health and how you can maintain your health. It is your perfect fitness guide.

All day activities:

It keeps calculating your activities all day long while you are running, jumping, climbing, swimming, tracking and also tells your calories to burn, distance, steps, and pace etc.


It always reminds you about your health and motivates you to do walking and exercising. It continuously sends you reminders.

Auto sleep tracking:

It automatically tracks your sleep time and sets an alarm for you.

Active GPS:

You can easily Connect GPS settings of your mobile with your phone and get started. It shows you maps and way while running. It also shows you the locations.


It easily tracks your activities and guides you all day. It always stays active to measure your heart rate, running, and climbing, etc. It notifies you about your workout if you forget about it.


By connecting Fitbit with your smartphone, you can easily get notifications related to text messages, calls and calendar reminders. And you can also share your stuff online.

Customizable Clock Displays:

Select the clock face, according to your taste that shows you time and stats the way you want.

Fitbit app:

You can also download Fitbit app so that you can manage your watch with the app. And do many settings and play your favorite music. And share your stats with family and friends.


It is presented in two colors black and silver.

The slumber track:

The Fitbit charge 2 automatically gives details that how much sleep you should need for yourself to stay fit for the next day. The silent vibrating mode, thealarm wakes you up with peace and gives you a proper sleeping schedule.

Features & Specifications
  • Its width is 20.
  • It is dust and water resistant.
  • The item dimensions are 9.9x 0.9x 0.5.
  • The shipping weight is 12.8 oz.
  • The model number is B407STEZ.
  • Li-ion batteries are located inside it.
  • It has a super easy setup system that you can operate quickly.
  • It also works when you are swimming.
  • It is very much lighter in weight.
  • It has a large display.
  • Its pure, pulse continuously gives you rates.
  • It gives you a better understanding of your fitness levels.
  • It gives you long lasting battery time.
  • It sets your morning alarms and sets you all day schedules.
LRM Team Rating:

4.9 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 4.9 stars out of 5.

  • It has a quick liberation, symmetrical straps.
  • Reminds to move daily to stay healthy .
  • It provides you with perfect training.
  • Gives the cardio level fitness rating accurately.
  • Gives the cardio level fitness rating accurately.
  • It has the smartphone, computer, and laptop syncing with accuracy.
  • It has anaccurate navigation system.
  • It has flexible band material that is comfortable and lightweight.
  • It gives you accurate heart beat rate.
  • It provides you with notifications like calls, text messages and calendar alerts.
  • It recognizes the fitness activities automatically.
  • It has a wide display.
  • It has good battery life up to five days.
  • The HR helps you to see your daily activities.
  • Gives a detail of your steps, cycling, running and swimming. It basically keeps you updated.
  • It is not waterproof.
  • The metal on the strap gives a rough look.

4. Samsung Gear Fit2 Smartwatch Large, Black

top activity trackers

Samsung Gear Fit2 motivates you to do tracking and exercising and always manages your fitness goals. It has avariety of tracking sensor modes that can manage your tracking levels, including the calorie burn rate, heart rate levels and also manages your sleep. 

It automatically sets the new stats for your activities like cycling, biking, running band workouts. This gear 2 is water resistant. It has a good GPS system that shows you a map while tracking. It is black in color and it is compatible with many other Android devices.

Fitness tracking:

It adjusts your Daily activities. It monitors all your activities like biking, cycling, running and tracking. And the pedometer counts your steps.

GPS tracking:

It has built-in good GPS inside it that gives you accurate stats. You can easily see maps on your watch and get started with your tracking. It also can tell about locations and you can also check your stats daily.

Autosport tracking:

This system automatically understands your activities and adjust the stats according to your activities like running, cycling and climbing etc.


It has alarge display that tells you about text message notifications, calls and calendar alerts and gear 2 can show all your Android phone notification of calls and messages on your watch.


You can now also enjoy your favorite music while working out and exercising etc. And you can also save your favorite song in your watch or you can also connect this gear 2 with your phones for many latest songs and enjoy your workouts with such an amazing feature.

Easy charging:

It offers you a charging cradle. Just place your phone in it and easily charge your watch in less time. It has a long battery time that always supports your workouts.

Water resistant:

Gear 2 is a water resistant watch and it also keeps working while you are swimming. It gives you all kinds of comforts.

AMOLED display:

That keeps you updated even in thedark light, or in sunlight. It has alarge AMOLED display with vibrant colors. And it also shows all your activities stats and calculations .

S Health:

With this advanced features, you can easily achieve your fitness goals just by following the chart and taking care of your workouts and Health. And it also motivates you to do exercise and move it also gives you challenges related to workouts so that you can stay healthy and happy. This app is connected to your Android device so that you can enjoy your time and Health.


It has better compatibility, thepower you can easily connect your watch with many Android devices to share your information and workout stats with family and friends.

Features & Specifications
  • It keeps all information about your daily routine, activities, heart rate ratios and much more.
  • It automatically manages your location with built-in GPS system.
  • It can record your exercises and workouts.
  • It has a strong compatibility system.
  • It has a good music sound that entertains you during your workouts and exercises.
  • It also manages your sleep time and many other categories.
  • It has a long battery time.
  • It has a good storage capacity.
  • The product dimensions are 6.4x 2.7x 3.6 inches.
  • Its item weight is 3.8 oz.
  • Its shipping weight is 7.2Oz
  • It is water resistant.
  • It has a big LED display that shows you accurate stats.
LRM Team Rating:

4.9 / 5

After surveying from LRM team's strict review process this product earned 4.9 stars out of 5.

  • It has a super AMOLED display.
  • It comes in all sizes, small, large and X-large size.
  • It is lightweight and easy to wear.
  • It syncs to mobiles, computer and laptops accurately.
  • Its battery time lasts up to 5 days.
  • It has a 4 GB storage system.
  • It is a light weight watch.
  • It tells you exactly heart rate zones.
  • It has a powerful GPS sensor and HR monitoring.
  • It has an active vibration system.
  • It is not waterproof.
  • Its battery life is not much powerful.


All the above-mentioned watches are best for calculating heart rate. And these are all perfect Health, managing wristbands. They all are rich in features and havethe best software. All these watches have a built-in strong GPS system that maps your way during your running, cycling, and biking. They all have agood notification system that keeps you updated all day long. They also remind you about your health activities and guides you during your workouts. They also have agood music system that entertains you during your workouts. These all are best-selling wristbands perfect to guide you to your health.

Here I recommend you one product out of the all mentioned products here, and that is Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband, Teal, Large! Yes, you will find the best features and high quality within this watch band. Enjoy it!

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